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Let Huf Media tell your story through our video production services

Simplifying the video production process to create effective content for corporate, commercial, and event video production that is on time and on budget.

Not sure where to start? Huf Media uses a tried and true discovery method to help you find your message, objectives, budget, and deadlines to create a video production that is hassle-free, effective, on time, and on budget.

What services does Huf media provide?

Huf media provides pre-production planning, video production, and post -production services.

Our pre-production process allows us to get to know you as a company. We dive deeper to understand your goals and objectives for your video production and build a video strategy that works with your budget and goals to bring back the best ROI possible. Pre-Production is the most important step of video production, allowing us to plan your video’s story through shot lists or storyboards, find great locations and talent, and create a clear course of action that will allow your team to see a vision of the finished video before we even start.

Once we have a clear video object and story, we head into production. This is where all our planning comes together from locations and talent, to story and message. Our team will take care of every little detail to make sure your video production clearly shares your message.

During the post-production process our team will masterfully edit your piece together, polish it off with color grading on premium industry software, master your audio, and deliver it optimized for your delivery platforms.

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We are a full service
video production company located in Birmingham, AL.

From idea to execution, editing to distribution, Huf Media can help you along the process. Being a full service video production company allows us to get to know your video production goals, and develop a compelling story from the start that captivates your audience and calls them to action.

Our Process To Get Started Starts With a Few Steps;

Discovery Call

Let’s hear about your project! We want to get to know you as a company and understand your objectives, timeline, budget, scope of work, and any other factors that can help us understand your video production needs.

Discovery Meeting

After our discovery call, our team will meet together with all key stakeholder in the project to nail down our exact project needs, budget, and objectives to create an accurate, specific proposal tailored to your project goals.

The Proposal

Our video production proposal will lay out the exact scope of work, objectives, and budget decided in our discovery meeting.


We build out a story board for your video project so your team can see a vision of the finished project. Once this is approved, our team will secure locations, talent, props, and anything else needed for your video.


Production is where all the hard work turns into reality on screen. We’ll work systematically through our pre-approved shot list to make sure we capture a compelling story for your brand.


Our editors will craft together a compelling story, color grade the footage, master the audio, and optimize your video for distribution onto your chosen media channels.


This optional step in our process allows our expert team of digital marketers to maximize the use of your content through social media channels to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck!

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