We’ve worked with some pretty awesome companies!


We’ve worked with some pretty awesome companies!


Huf Media is a full service production company… But what does that mean?

From idea to execution, editing to distribution, Huf Media can help you along the whole process. It’s easy to find a good videographer that can make a pretty video, but how is that actually helping you bring in more sales, create loyal customers, and increase brand recognition? Being a full service company allows us to get to know your production goals, and develop a marketing strategy from the start to create a compelling story that people actually want to watch!

Our Process

Discovery Call

Let’s chat! We’ll hop on a phone call together to hear about your project. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other before getting into the nitty gritty!

Discovery Meeting

After our discover call, we’ll meet up in person to see where we can help on your project. Do you need assistance with your video concept? Script writing? What type of video should we create? How long should it be? Do you need help with distribution? We’ll help you figure out all these questions in our Discovery Meeting!

The Proposal

Once we narrow down the scope of work for the project, we’ll send you an estimate and a statement of work so you know know exactly what services we’ll be providing.


Once the estimate is accepted, we’ll build out a few concepts to choose from for your video! If you already have your video idea, we can skip this step!


Lights, camera, action! Production is where all our hard work turns into movie magic. We’ll work systematically through our pre-approved shot list to make sure we capture a compelling story for you.


This is where our talented editors stitch together your masterpiece to grow your brand…


This optional step in our process allows our expert team of digital marketers to maximize the use of your content through social media channels to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck!

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